Investing* in Venture Characters.

*we start the journey with our founders at the earliest stages – with capital, network & sound advice.


We have been deeply rooted in the foundations of the 🇬🇷 startups ecosystem since its inception 15 years ago. We have been the launchpad for ventures & initiatives that have defined markets & industries, including many tech darlings of the regional scene. 

With a focus on empowering “Venture Characters” (hyper-ambitious tech founders with strong ethical foundations), Apeiron leverages its strategic market visibility and access to propel groundbreaking ideas into global success stories in Europe, US and beyond.

Currently investing via Apeiron Fund I

❏ Vintage Year: 2024

❏ Fund Size: €25m

❏ Ticket Size: €300k-€1m

❏ Fund Focus: Tech-enabled Products & Services / Enterprise Software / GenZ Economy

Our partnership style

Augmented Team

We know how hard it is to build a business from the ground up. From hiring the right people to setting up your GtM plan and from governance to your next round of financing - we roll up our sleeves to provide you with what’s critical for your venture. A sound voice, and trustworthy extended team.

Real People Network

Apeiron is backed by 40+ investors, including exited Startup Founders (we previously backed), successful entrepreneurs, corporate investors & operators, and some of the region’s largest family offices.

your partner, not your Boss

Every VC in the business claims it brings value. In reality, they talk to you every month, skip the hard talk and play the bossy card. With a toxic free, honest attitude we are your partners first, investors second. Ask for a reference from our previously backed founders.

Startups & ventures we started or funded

↗ Accusonus (🤑 acquired by Meta NASDAQ: META)

↗ Instacar (🤝🏻 first partnered at pre-seed)

Pollfish (🤑 acquired by Prodege)

↗ SendX (🤑 acquired by Skroutz) (🤑 acquired by DELL)

Finloup (🤝🏻 first partnered at pre-seed)

↗ Found.ation (co-founded)

↗ Financial Europeans (🤑 exited via secondary)

Radiojar (🤑 acquired by iHeartMedia)